Quint Group Launches MoneyGuru to Enlighten Consumer Credit Market

17th September 2016

MoneyGuru.com comparison site has launched to offer consumers greater choice from a range of loan and credit products across the market.

MoneyGuru, unlike other major comparison players, focuses on the consumer credit market, rather than insurance. Owned by a specialist consumer credit fintech group and covering all aspects of the consumer finance market, MoneyGuru.com brings a new focus on personal loans, credit cards, mortgages, life insurance and credit reports in the comparison space.

The site compares products from a panel of over 200 lenders and providers across personal loans, car loans, business loans and all types of credit cards and mortgages, while providing access to regulated "Gurus" for life insurance, critical illness and whole of life insurance.

The MoneyGuru.com website also offers its award-winning proprietary Smart Search facility to customers who don't want to compare and apply with multiple lenders directly. Smart Search allows customers to sit back while MoneyGuru searches out the cheapest rate from its whole of market integrated panel with customers only completing one simple application form.

The system is not like other search solutions provided by some of the better known comparison players that present a list of likely lenders, based on a soft credit score with no guarantee that they will be accepted once they go on to apply for a loan. MoneyGuru uses its own Monevo platform which is directly integrated into lenders systems to get an actual decision from lenders before forwarding the customer to complete their loan.

The search maximises the chance of a positive conversion for lenders, while delivering best outcome for the consumer, ensuring they are always shown the cheapest rate or deal from a lender that has already made a decision to lend to them. Lenders will also benefit from using MoneyGuru as they gain access to thousands of additional consumers.

MoneyGuru.com is part of Quint Group, one of the UK's most successful and fastest growing fintech businesses whose proprietary technology was the first of its kind to be authorised with principal status in the UK.

Greg Cox, CEO and Co-Founder of Quint, said: "MoneyGuru is much more than just a standard comparison site, it brings together cutting edge technology, tools and mobile experience alongside a huge number of credit providers and wisdom to enable consumers to make more enlightened financial decisions. Our Smart Search facility and in-depth knowledge of the consumer credit market sets us apart from other comparison sites, and allows us to optimise the consumer's experience on MoneyGuru.com."

"Since the UK site launched, we have already had over 20,000 visitors and plans to launch in the USA and Australia next year. We feel we have a brand and platform which can lead the UK's credit comparison market."

The Money Guru took time out from his busy meditation schedule to add: "As well as sniffing out a loan or deal that's bang on for them, people can visit MoneyGuru.com to learn from my wisdom on everything from car loans to life insurance. You'll also see me spreading financial enlightenment all over social media and on TV very soon..."

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