Quint, A multi award winning Fintech Company
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Quint is a leading international, highly innovative fintech Group operating in the consumer
finance market

Quint owns and operates a portfolio of four mutually beneficial and strategically aligned financial technology businesses in the consumer credit sector which are all powered by the Group's market leading proprietary technologies and infrastructure.

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Brands & Businesses

Monevo UK

Monevo operates in four countries giving brokers & financial websites access to an entire market of lenders & providers through its market leading loan & insurance platform and API.

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Monevo Data Services

Enhances decisioning, providing unique real time market data and financial intelligence for lenders, credit providers and third parties.

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Credit Angel

Is the UK's most innovative and relevant online financial management tool. Credit Angel gives consumers a suite of services including Credit and Social Reporting and Scores.

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Money Guru

MoneyGuru.com is the UK's fastest growing credit focused price comparison site and service. Seek and You Shall Find.

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The team

Over 7 years old. 100+ people. 5 countries

Scott Forster Anna Beecroft Adam Jones Ana Santos Anthony Wong Ben Emerson Ben Holt Ben Ingham Carol Bowers Becky Roe Chris Longden Chris Latham Chloe Regan Chloe Wilson Cath St Leger Rasadin Emri Dave Houston Daniel Whittaker Dawn Wood Edward Ross Greg Cox Giles Martin Grahame McGifford Jessica Herrington Harry Brown Jasmine Jasiukiewicz Jodiey Leicester James Macdonald Julian Lord Julian Mclung Janet Shields Josh Lyons Joanne Thorp Joanne Tomlinson Katie Hatchman Kelly Cross Kate Jowitt Kerry Turner Lorraine Bamford Lauren Smith Luke Bennison Lawrence Byers Louise Buxton Matthew Langsford Mike Ransom Miles Macmahon Natasha Clowes Nicole Warner Natasha Hall Rami Elakkad Rick Oliver Robert Wood Rachael Robinson Shanie Capper Sam Colcough Steven Doherty Sarah Crossley Sarah Doyle Seb Haack Sue Humphrey Stefan Popescu Satish Khatri Tim Kirby William Hurst Zak Machin A Belinskiy Alan Nixon D Ball Emily Derry Tamara Mamula Laura Waywell Russ Jones Paul Drage N Burke S Isgar S Tkaczky C Holmes J Henson A Safadi M Viljoen P Dodgson

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