Speaking from the dock he apologised for his actions and said

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bags ysl replica Leon Vollenhoven had been admitted to the Headington hospital on April 16 for suspected self harming or overdosing, the court heard.Prosecutor Sarah Mackay told Oxford Magistrates’ Court on Tuesday how after being discharged, the 35 year old became racially abusive to staff in front of patients and visitors.She said Vollenhoven was removed from the building, but then stripped off naked and continued his torrent of abuse and threatened security officer Bless Dafeamekpor.Despite being arrested, the court heard Vollenhoven was admitted to the hospital again on May 13, but demanded staff pay his bus fare home then racially abused security officer OJ Jatta.Ms Mackay said: “When asked to leave by security he has become abusive saying ‘I will cut your throat and I will shoot the police and nurses and you’.”Vollenhoven admitted two counts of racially aggravated harassment and one count of using threatening, abusive Replica Yves Saint Laurent Handbags hiysl.com, insulting words or behaviour to cause harassment Replica Yves Saint Laurent Handbags Replica Yves Saint Laurent Handbags, alarm or distress at the same court on May 14.Speaking from the dock he apologised for his actions and said he was trying to get into rehab for his drinking problem.He added: “I am so sorry, you have no idea how guilty and how bad I feel.”District Judge Tim Pattinson branded the racist abuse as “horrible” and “nasty” enough to merit a prison sentence.He said hospital staff have the right to work in an environment free from abuse, but told Vollenhoven he could spare him jail.He added: “No court could be criticised for locking someone up who uses racist and threatening language against people working in a hospital, working tirelessly to help all of us.What a total waste of public money bringing this man to court when he was crying out loud for help through desperation. Putting him in court has done nothing,other than exposing the short comings of the JR which seems unable to help and deal with people with these sort of problems, highlighting the fact that OCC health and social welfare coupled with mental health have no effective measures in place to support people with these sort of difficulties. Yet here we are in the 21st centuary and Oxford, a supposedly affluent City, has no way of addressing this sort of situation bags ysl replica.

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