Quint Developers attend Google event in Dublin

The Google I/O Extended event brings local developer communities together to experience the I/O keynote and sessions with one another in real-time, around the globe. On May 17th, Google Dublin and Google Developer Group hosted one of the largest I/O Extended events, with hundreds of developers and Google enthusiasts attending from Ireland and abroad.

Our very own Marc Viljoen, Head of Technology, InQbate tells us about his experience of the event:

“As a developer attending Google I/O Extended 2017 in Dublin last week, I felt all the usual things: excitement, intrigue, gratitude. But, mostly, I felt connected.

The event is an extension of the concurrent Google I/O developer festival in Shoreline, California. Around 700 delegates were invited to attend tech talks, panels, and workshops, and watched the live stream of the keynote from the auditorium at The Foundry, in Google’s EMEA headquarters in Dublin.

They didn’t talk about the tech that we’ll be using in the coming years, nor was it a history lesson about how far we’ve come. It was about what’s available today. What we use in our homes and in the software that we create right now.

The mobile speed hackathon was limited to 140 developers. Googlers presented useful strategies and practical solutions to common speed issues on mobile websites. The remainder of the day was spent hacking away at our own websites to improve the speed index. We had a direct line to Google. We asked questions, listened, learned, shared.

Joining me was Imre Darics, lead developer in our UK web technologies team at Quint.

I head up our innovation hub in Cape Town, South Africa. We create products with the user in mind. Technology is already a big part of our daily lives. We’d like it to feel more natural, for both the user and for us as we build it. We’re looking for passionate web people to join our team.”

Quint owns and operates a portfolio of mutually beneficial and strategically aligned financial technology businesses in the consumer credit sector which are all powered by the Group’s market leading proprietary technologies and infrastructure.

So, what’s next? We’ll share our learnings, experiences and exciting new ideas with our teams to make our work in tech more meaningful, and to create great products for our customers.

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